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AnchorsOutAtSea Summary: The only thing Dean had to look forward to after begrudgingly buying a house of his own was his garden. But it would seem the universe hated him. Not only was his house falling apart but his neighbor was a crazy beekeeper. Dean is tired of his bees attacking his beautiful garden, his pride and how to buy Incredible Bee Archiver forever?, and it was time he confronted his weirdo neighbor and his greedy little friends.

Based on the prompt below. Work Text: Dean Winchester had officially fucking had it. It all started three days ago when he moved into his new home. First, he stubbed his toe on the box holding his Star Trek collection, and almost went tumbling down the rickety staircase face first. Then, he almost dropped his massive flat screen tv when he tried to carry it in by himself because one of the front porch steps gave out.

Dean thought that the third day into his move would be better. He had every reason to believe it would. Free time meant he could finally do what he had been dying to do since he moved in… start on his garden.

The backyard of his new house was what reeled him in. So, while he finally had some time, he stuffed a BLT in his mouth and grabbed his gardening tools with zero shame. Eileen had insisted that the how to buy Incredible Bee Archiver forever? have a garden, and one day Sam sent Dean a text while he was at work telling his older brother to be a gentleman and get his ass off the couch and help her with the yard work.

Eileen had rolled her eyes fondly but shoved a bag of Miracle Grow in his arms. The rest was history. In reality…Dean loved it. He loved getting his hands dirty, loved seeing something grow because he was taking care of it.

There was something cathartic about it. Dean knew it was probably due to some misplaced feelings since his little brother no longer needed to be taken care of, but hey, it was relaxing. Dean knew when he had overstayed his welcome, and began house searching. But that was besides the point. Dean had had it. When he finally realized that he had the time to start on a garden of his own, his week was supposed to get better.

He even threw in some giant blue hyssops. Eileen had told him that technically those were a part of the mint family, but she insisted that he get some because they attracted honey bees, and bees were the foundation of a flourishing garden. Dean was finally going to get to relax. His car was fixed, his brother was going to help him finish moving in, and he was finally going how to buy Incredible Bee Archiver forever?

get his hands dirty and add some color to the blank canvas that was his backyard. It was going to be perfect.

And things really did start out perfect. A couple of hours into gardening, Dean was covered from head to toe in dirt, slightly sunburned, and incredibly exhausted, but things were already looking beautiful.

The flowers, and even the mint, were the perfect pop of color not far from the willow tree whose leaves tickled the surface of the pond it was growing next to. He had definitely earned the gallon of water he was about to chug, and the beer he planned on cracking after. He rehydrated himself and heated up some lasagna right as afternoon began creeping in.

Eileen had not been kidding about attracting honey bees. It had only been about 30 minutes and they were all over his flowers. There was one in particular that kept flying around and landing on one of his gorgeous red dahlias, and in a fit of annoyance, he tried to bat it away. It immediately flew away how to buy Incredible Bee Archiver forever?

the flower, but not five seconds later, landed on his eyebrow. And then the fucker stung him. Sam snorted in a failed attempt to stop himself from laughing.

Okay, maybe that was being a little dramatic. But the swelling had spread, and he how to buy Incredible Bee Archiver forever? looking pretty gnarly. He had done plenty of Googling to insure Dean that most of the swelling should be down tomorrow if he kept taking Benadryl and kept applying Sting Eze. Sober Sam was a great internet fueled nurse. But drunk Sam? Drunk Sam thought the whole thing was hilarious. I would remember if you got stung by a bee, Sam.

Bobby yelled at me for playing in an old abandoned car and called me an idiot for not realizing that sometimes bees could use old abandoned car frames for their hives. I know I got stung. Dean stood up abruptly, stumbling over to the coffee table that had his keys on it.

If Sam wanted to be a brat, fine. But he could be a wrong brat. Get in the car. Neither of us are driving. How to buy Incredible Bee Archiver forever?

Sam really think he was going to come into his house, make fun of his fucked up face, and then steal his keys? Dean immediately began chasing him, and Sam dashed for the backdoor, barreling out into the backyard so fast he almost tripped.

You pocket my keys or stick them down your pants or hide them or something! You might just want to try and find them in the morning. Dean had been staring at his fence for at least 15 minutes. He had two options. It would be awkward, especially as a first introduction, but maybe Dean could pull it off as quirky and endearing.

His second option was to climb over the fence, grab his keys, and haul ass. It only took about 20 more seconds for Dean to decide to hop the fence. In the process of hauling himself over, how to buy Incredible Bee Archiver forever? nearly lost his footing and fell and made some internal, self-deprecating joke about needing to be ten years younger, but he somehow managed to get himself on the other side and land on his feet. The sun managed to beam off his keyring at just the right angle to catch his eyes, and he reached down and grabbed them.

He dusted them off even though there was nothing on them and prepared himself to hop back over the fence when he saw it. The reason his entire move had been ruined. More than a dozen of them. Right in the how to buy Incredible Bee Archiver forever?

of the hives was someone in a beekeeper suit. There was even a cute little fucking bee embroidered right under that. Dean started making his way towards the hives to tell his neighbor to keep the bees in his yard when he stopped himself.

Not one of his brightest ideas. Dean just huffed a frustrated sigh and hauled himself back over the fence into his yard. She sent a bunch of laughing emojis that Dean frowned at, but then FaceTimed him. He was pretty sure Sam was going to marry this woman, and while she was incredible at reading lips, he felt like he should at least learn a little sign language.

Eileen was smiling when he finally got his phone settled. He knew she was doing this for his benefit because he was how to buy Incredible Bee Archiver forever?

to learn. Way more than you ever had in your garden. From the look of his undone tie, he had just gotten off work. Dean opened his mouth to throw some poorly constructed insult at his brother, but Eileen interrupted him. Some take months to fully mature, but some will be fine. They sell plenty of seeds there. Really delicious organic vegetables too. She really was the perfect girl for Sam. How to buy Incredible Bee Archiver forever?

agreed to check out the market when Sam appeared back on screen. Sam frowned. Keep Bigfoot in check for me. Maybe a little bored. Dean never thought he would be this person. He was debating on going back to the Impala to empty the bag and start over, but figured he was probably going overboard and could just come back next weekend. Right as he was about to leave, something caught his eye. The market was too crowded to see the booth or its owner, but Dean knew that it had to be his neighbor.

Who the fuck else would have the name Castiel? Dean politely excused himself through the crowd to give his neighbor a piece of his mind about his god damn bees but stopped short right in front of the booth. But the guy sitting at the booth was probably only a couple of years older than Dean and was… he was hot. Like really hot.

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