Ashampoo HDD Control – 46.7% OFF Coupon

And just like your memory, they degrade over time. Fragmented file systems cause longer access times and mechanical wear and tear inevitably leads to data loss and drive failure. Lower access times, remove resource hogs, prevent data loss and detect signs of failure early on. Early warning system against failure Ashampoo HDD Control 3 permanently monitors your hard disks and determines the state of health of your drives and the integrated guard provides notifications in case of irregularities, even through email if desired. This way, you can detect issues at the outset and backup important data before it is lost forever. Shorter access times Your hard disks permanently read and write data, eventually causing file fragmentation. Gathering all fragments on each file access takes time and shortens the lifespan of your hard disk.


Ashampoo® HDD Control 3 (v3.20.00) Serial Key

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