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In the tool window, select the products to uninstall. If uninstalling a selected product prevents another product from operating correctly, you are prompted to uninstall the related product. The Uninstall Tool does not uninstall service packs or locally installed Help files. If you want to preserve existing customizations, such as menus and PGP files, back up those files. From the Windows Start menu, open the Control Panel and display the list of installed applications.

You can't uninstall more than one program at a time. Uninstall peripheral programs, such as add-ins, enablers, and bonus packs, before uninstalling the main program. Select Uninstall for each peripheral or program you want to remove.

Confirm your intention to uninstall by clicking Yes or Run in any displayed alerts. Remember that some peripherals, such as the Material Library, are shared across products. Don't remove them unless you intend to remove all Autodesk products. If you're prompted to restart after uninstalling a product, restart and return to the Control Panel to uninstall other software. If you want to remove all program and application data, search for "clean uninstall" in the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

Using Microsoft Fixit Windows Use Microsoft Fixit if your attempt to uninstall through the Control Panel fails or if unwanted program files remain after your attempt to uninstall.


How to Erase and Factory Reset your Mac!

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