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History[ edit ] The Karelian question arose when Finland was forced to cede territories to the Soviet Union after the Winter War in the Moscow peace treaty in Most Finnish citizens were evacuated from the ceded How much is it a month for Karelia Software The Hit List?. Most of them returned during the Continuation War and eventually were evacuated again in The Soviet Union insisted the ceded areas be completely evacuated in 10 days.

The evacuees were partly compensated for their losses; farmers, for example, received land in proportion to their earlier holdings. Usually, the compensation was about one third of the original farm. Compensation for movable property was much less. The land used for these grants was confiscated by the state from municipalities and private owners. Evacuees from Muolaa moving towards Western Finland during winter President Urho Kekkonen also tried to reacquire the territory, especially when the Soviet Union returned the peninsula of Porkkala to Finland in According to an article by the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat in Augustthe Russian president Boris Yeltsin unofficially offered to sell ceded Karelia to Finland in but was declined.

This price was set at 15 billion US dollars. Karjalan Liitto is an interest group of Karelian evacuees which hopes that Karelia will once again become part of Finland at some point, but does not openly demand it. Some smaller groups, such as ProKareliacontinue to campaign for the peaceful return of Karelia. However, no serious political party has openly supported this goal, and Finnish politicians generally say there is no need for it, citing Finland's peace treaty with Russia.

There are some individual politicians who support the return of Karelia, such as MEP Ari Vatanenand two candidates in the presidential election of Timo Soini and Arto Lahti.

Other candidates have stated that Finland has signed a peace treaty and should not campaign for the return of what are now Russian-developed territories. Finland's official stance is that the borders may be changed through peaceful negotiations, although there is currently no need to hold open talks, as Russia has shown no intention of returning the ceded areas, or discussing the question.

In Boris Yeltsin commented that "seizure of Finnish How much is it a month for Karelia Software The Hit List? was an example of Stalin's totalitarian and aggressive politics. In President Putin stated that such discussions may endanger Finnish—Russian relations, and in he said that "changing borders is not the best way to resolve problems", but that possible solutions would be "integration and cooperation". However, if Russia wants to discuss returning the ceded areas, Finland is ready for that.

In Russia, people associate the word "Karelia" with the Republic of Karelia instead of Finnish Kareliawhich makes conducting polls more difficult. Vyborg and the rest of the ceded Karelia outside the Republic of Karelia nowadays contain very few ethnic Finns, and is almost exclusively inhabited by people who moved there during the Soviet era and their descendants. A poll by Taloustutkimus was criticized by ProKarelia for asking leading questionssuch as, "Do you support the return of Karelia, even if it would How much is it a month for Karelia Software The Hit List?

more tense relations or even How much is it a month for Karelia Software The Hit List? with Russia? According to polls, older people ages 65 and up and young people support the idea more strongly than the generation of their parents 25—65 who grew up during the Cold War. Problems and arguments[ edit ] Price[ edit ] Blocks of flats built in the Soviet era in Svetogorsk Enso One of the main reasons for opposing the return is the fear of the costs it would bring.

The standard of living on the Russian side of the border is much lower than on the Finnish side. The costs of bringing Karelia to the same level with the rest of Finland have been researched only by supporters of the idea. According to a survey conducted by ProKarelia, the area has natural advantages that, under Finnish rule, would make it a centre of trade with Russia and industry and thus bring economic growth fast enough to solve the entire problem.

According to both ProKarelian research and Arto Lahti's estimate, the price of return would be about 30 billion euro. A picture from Sortavala.

The area is inhabited mostly by people who moved there from UkraineBelarus and Russia, and their descendants. The fate of these people is a major issue in discussions of the return of Karelia to Finland. Inthere were aboutRussians living in the region. If services for them in their own language were to be provided, Finland would need many more officials capable of speaking Russian. In ProKarelia's vision, nearly half of the Russian population in Karelia would be expelled to Russia, and even more would leave if Finland paid their expenses for doing so.

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