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Last Published: April 3, Learn what's new in the April release of Animate version Get better control over your texture atlases with optimized output and by generating multiple bitmaps. Animate CC Oct 15 Asset sculpting Create new poses faster for vector and raster content using handles on a shape to change the mesh. No need to redraw assets on every frame — just tween between poses and create animations. Better control of layers Animate between poses easily by organizing your assets in parent-child layers. When an object on the parent layer is moved, the child layer automatically moves with it. Our machine learning platform makes it happen automatically. Improved texture publishing When creating animations with texture-based content, you can work with vectors and then export them either as-is or as high-performing rasters for HTML5 platforms. Add effects to layers You can now add filters and tints to layers, play with in and out fades, depth of field, and more — all without changing objects on stage. New start screen We've made it easier for animators to get started quickly. Export to GL Transmission format beta You now have the flexibility to export your animations to this new standard glTF format. VR authoring and publishing beta Use your 2D skills to export VR animations and create an immersive experience for virtual walk-throughs and more. A better-looking interface Animate UI has been updated using the Spectrum framework to make it as sharp and intuitive as our other Creative Cloud tools. Support for MS Surface pen Microsoft Surface users get the best performance and line quality possible now that the pen is natively supported. And so much more Also includes: Performance and management improvements, and more. Animate CC You can also create custom Eases for Shape tweens.

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Adobe Illustrator CC Download Free Full Version is now easy and installing it is also easy. Adobe Illustrator CC is one of the best graphics editing software from Adobe Inc. It is one of the professional software and professionals are also using this software. Jun 19,  · With the release of Photoshop CC, Creative Cloud will install the correct version of Photoshop for your Windows OS (operating system): If you have a bit version of Windows 7 or Windows 8, Creative Cloud will install the bit version of Photoshop. Adobe Flash Player Free & Safe Download for Windows from A browser plugin and cross-platform application runtime which provides clear .

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