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However, academic publishing became even more difficult without the Beall's list. There were journals accused of predatory practices by Beall that were, in the same time, indexed in these databases.

Should the researchers OEM Publisher 2017 in them anyway or should they search for some other lists and publishing ethics committees' guidelines now that Beall's list is gone? It is peculiar that in the absence of the Beall's list some researchers feel that Scopus and Web of Science are not good enough and are prepared to spend lots of time and efforts on lobbying for introducing their own ranking systems that would allow small groups of local academics to control OEM Publisher 2017 promotions and grant funding in their respective countries.

The rules of the publication game might be changed repetitively during the game, and this is fundamentally wrong. Although Beall's list helped to raise awareness about the predatory publishing and sparked the wide discussion within the academia, it had many serious flaws and issues, such as, for example, insular rhetoric or discrimination based on the country of origin or the publisher's native language. OEM Publisher 2017 universities reportedly started checking the Publons profiles of their new job candidates.

Introducing the transparent and functional system of peer reviewers' identifications would allow us to kill two birds with one stone: If all reviewers were using some sort of identification, it would be possible to check whether any given article was peer-reviewed at all and by whom.

This issue is becoming especially relevant in the OEM Publisher 2017 of the new development in the historically first US court order issued by a state judge in California, which demanded the academic publisher to identify the anonymous peer reviewers of an article published in in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Yet, there might be a time for a change and unmasking the peer reviewers can become the new reality.

Overall, it seems that if we want to battle the dubious academic publishing, we need to build a robust, open-access, widely available journal metric that would allow us to avoid pejorative naming, and to rely upon transparent human-unbiased verification processes. Conflicts OEM Publisher 2017 Interest: None declared. Financial Support: Chirico F.

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